Headcovering movement

There is a new (old?) movement afoot


One where women are again made to feel somehow ‘wrong’ because of who they are, when something as fundamental as your hair, is taught by some groups to be shameful unless covered ..
Why is how one wears one hair,covered,not covered,short, long,dyed, not dyed, anyone business but the persons concerned.

This idea of women having to cover up is based on the idea that women must be under their husbands ‘authority’, which comes from the bible. (Women submit to the proper male authority in their lives as head 1 Cor 11:3), and that they (women) are somehow the ‘glory’ of man (Women were created by God from man’s rib and are the “glory of man” 1 Cor 11:7-8 ), and finally, because ‘nature’ shows it to be so…  Paul gave the example of our hair lengths. He said that women having long hair and men having short hair is one of those gender distinctions that is seen in nature and dishonorable if crossed (1 Cor 11:14-15).

He cant have ever seen a lion ….

Why the status of women needs to change

Burned to death in honor killing

When women are treated as ‘property’, something to be ‘protected’  vilified or even venerated,  it allows men to see them as objects, and to treat them not as individuals, not as equals, not as people with good and bad points, but  as something not worthwhile in their own right.

You may be surprized that I put venerated in there, but when we are talking about women as a gender, or individuals, we are not perfect, not objects to be desired, worshiped, or put up on a pedestal.

Women need to be seen and treated for who they are, their abilities, their needs and their wants to be seen as valid and as worthwhile as any mans.

This is not about treating women as men, or men as women, we need a new way of seeing us, seeing that gender isn’t as important as who we are, what we do and how we act, and how we treat others.

Gender should be as irrelevant as skin or hair color.



Dowry Deaths

Is burning of brides  on the increase or is just reporting of it increasing?

A recent article highlights how women are still being doused with petrol and set alight by dissatisfied husbands.

Kalpana reports:  ‘According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, there were 8,391 reported cases of dowry deaths in 2010. Just under double the number of cases registered in 1995 – 4,648 cases. For every dowry death reported, there are dozens that go unreported. Of the 8,391 reported cases in 2010, although 93.2 per cent were charge-sheeted, the conviction rate was a miserable 33.6 per cent. The murderers and their families get away with it. What’s worse, they go scot free and bring back another bride.”
Sometimes its just hard to know what to say.
Women are still being brought and sold, raped and punished for being raped, (including being stoned), abused, murdered and subjected to archaic laws ….. in a large portion of the world.
The world is not a safe place for women. Everyone needs to get angry about this, everyone. In blogs, in public life, in politics. Everywhere. We need to make it the number one social issue. Once women have their rightful place in the world (equality) perhaps we will have more peace and stability.
People can and have changed things, its hard, but it is possible.
Lets do it.

The new look submission …

A recent article I read on submission (which has now disappeared) tries to sell it as a positive attitude for women in marriage.  It’s a poor attempt to try to make  submission seem a ‘good’ thing.

But in the end, all it means is that women must kowtow to their husbands. Women are robbed of their voice, their choice,  their ability to be an adult. It says that men must know best, must know what is better for their wives than the women knows for herself. It is saying that men are suppose to be  in control, to have the final answer,  and women must know that it is their place to be second to their husbands in all things.  No matter how they try to put a modern face on it, submission to ones husband is not good for women.  It say very clearly ‘you are not an adult, you cannot not be trusted to make your own decisions, you are a child and must be treated as one’.

Simply put, there is no reason why a person, based solely on their gender, should have to submit to another person.  This should not even be a debate in 2013. That all people should be treated with equality must be without doubt the foundation  of a caring and modern society.




No honor, just horror

Sisters in life and death… murdered for dancing in the rain

Somethings are beyond comprehension.  Why would something as innocent as enjoying the rain lead to your murder? Why are girls/women so hated, so put down and abused, that even something as innocuous as dancing in the rain led to their death.

Sometimes I am beyond words,  some human beings do not deserve to be called that, they are animals for doing this. Every person on this earth needs to stand up against senseless death, and the abuse of women. Everyone of these girls, these women who suffer the ‘honor’ of their fathers/brothers/uncles….  must not die in vain, they need to be counted, we need to stand for them, make out voices heard, all over the world. It is not acceptable.